elbow stick “SKULL” -ARIMATSU model-

2008年からはHYDEとK.A.ZのユニットVAMPSやOBLIVION DUSTのサポートとして活躍中。


NICE VIEW、TURTLE ISLAND、APIOS、VAMPILLIA、トンズラ儲け 、PIGMEET STRUT、などのバンドで活躍する一方、ソロ活動も勢力的に行なっており、音楽制作やドラム教師などもこなす、奇想天外音楽家。

Franck Stofer

elbow stick “ROUGE”

Franck Stofer is the drummer of punk jazz bass and drums duo Belly Button. Very active in the mid 90’s in Europe, Belly Button disbanded in 1998 before reforming in 2015, 17 years later. In the meantime, Franck founded and ran the Sonore record label, dedicated in promoting Japanese experimental music and producing the festival L’Experience japonaise in Nîmes, Paris and Marseille. Today, besides drumming, Franck works as a booking agent for Julie Tippex agency promoting artists such as Boredoms, Afrirampo and Mandolin Sisters.
Belly Button Social Club (BBSC)